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Winning In The Age Of The Customer

At Forrester, we believe that empowered customers have given rise to a new era we call The Age of the Customer. We define this as:

A 20-year business cycle in which the most successful
enterprises will reinvent themselves to systematically
understand and serve increasingly powerful customers.

Become Customer-Obsessed

Old sources of competitive advantage are business as usual. Now to be truly competitive your company must become customer obsessed, which means you need to have deep knowledge of and engagement with your customers.


What It Means For Marketing Leaders

Learn how business models and success metrics will change in this new world by reading our report: Competitive Strategy In The Age Of The Customer.
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What It Means For Technology Management Leaders

See how technology managers must build the Business Technology agenda alongside the IT agenda in our report: Technology Management In The Age Of The Customer.
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How Will You Compete In The Age Of The Customer?

Listen to the conversation and see data about how this new era impacts your company by watching our on-demand webinar, hosted by Forrester Analysts David Cooperstein and Peter Burris.
Watch the on-demand webinar
Forrester Vice President and Group Director Sharyn Leaver presents the Age of the Customer to CMOs and CIOs at Forrester's recent Forum. (03:10)