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Forrester Complimentary Webinar

"Big Data — Gold Rush Or Illusion?"

Disruptive technologies force businesses to rethink their strategies as they realize that delivering personalized products, services, and experiences is key to competitive advantage. To gain more customer insight, many are looking at big data. But what is big data anyway and how exactly can it help you get ahead of competitors?

Download the audio from the webinar "Big Data — Gold Rush Or Illusion?" with Holger Kisker and Martha Bennett to learn what big data is all about and what problems it can help you solve.

Holger Kisker
Vice President, Research Director

Holger serves Application Development & Delivery professionals in their strategy, planning and ongoing operations turning data into business value. His research focus includes all aspects of analytics and data management, ranging from data collection, refining and...
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Martha Bennett
Principal Analyst

Martha serves the Application Development & Delivery role, covering business intelligence (BI), analytics, and big data. Her current research has two main areas of focus: 1) the investigation of best practices in relation to making the business case for BI, as well...
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