Should I Worry About Disruption?

Three sources of digital power — the prevalence of free tools and services that enable disruptors to rapidly build products and services, the rise of digital platforms that are easily exploited by aspiring competitors from all directions, and the burgeoning class of digital consumers ready to accept new services — have combined to unleash a disruptive force that will completely alter every business on the planet.

Digital disruption, when properly understood, should terrify you.

Are You Off The Hook?
Whether you’re publically traded or VC-funded, a veteran leader or a start-up, digital disruption will change everything.
Will you evolve and take advantage of this opportunity or quickly lose your competitive edge?

Disrupt Or Be Disrupted
What are these top disruptors doing to shake up their businesses — in order to
fundamentally disrupt yours? Watch James McQuivey's recent talk at the Churchill Club
in Santa Clara, California. You can continue to follow the Digital Disruption conversation
on Twitter at #ChurchillClub.

What Are Disruptors Doing Right Now?

Disruptors are using free tools and services to get closer to your customers. The rise of digital platforms and low-cost technologies are easily exploited by competitors from all directions.

Where do you stand compared with other organizations? Take our 5-question assessment to find out.

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How Will You Compete?

Learn from digital disruptors. They find the "next thing" customers need, create the benefits they want, and deliver — at low cost, at great speed. Then they do it again.

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