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Digital Disruption

The barriers to entry in your market just vanished. Unexpected competitors are swarming in. Are you ready? Disrupt yourself now.

Video: Forrester Analyst James McQuivey discusses the digital disruption revolution.
Podcast: Adopt The Digital Disruptor’s Mindset

Forrester analyst James McQuivey discusses what companies can do right now to think, and act, disruptively. Listen to the podcast.

Episodes include:

  • Digital Disruption: Unleashing The Next Wave Of Innovation
  • How Digital Has Changed Disruption
  • Infusing A Disruptive Mindset In Your Organization
  • Assessing Your Disruption Readiness

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The New Book From Forrester Research
Digital Disruption book cover

You always knew digital was going to change things, but you didn't realize how close to home it would hit. In every industry, digital competitors are taking advantage of new platforms, tools, and relationships to undercut competitors, get closer to customers, and disrupt the usual way of doing business. The only way to compete is to evolve.

James McQuivey of Forrester Research has been teaching people how to do this for over a decade. Now he's sharing his approach with you.

With the tools in this book, you can assess your readiness, learn the disruptive mindset, and innovate rapidly, starting right within your own business.

“This is a very important book about what tomorrow holds in store; it shows us both what will happen and how to address it. I recommend it enthusiastically.”

— Clayton M. Christensen, professor, Harvard Business School, and author of The Innovator’s Dilemma

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What Is Digital Disruption?

Missed James McQuivey’s webinar explaining why digital disruption is such a big challenge? Download a complimentary replay to learn how to change your mindset to embrace this new trend.

Should I Worry About Disruption?

We all know about digital. We’ve heard about disruption. What makes digital disruption so powerful?

Assess Your Digital Readiness

Digital disruption creates challenges in every industry, in every geography. Is your company ready? Find out for yourself.

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Our core research, frameworks, and tools will guide you step-by-step through each phase of your digital business initiative. Get started with Digital Business Transformation:

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Project Consulting
How prepared are you across divisions to act on digital disruption? Are your challenges around energy, skills, or policies and practices? Our Digital Disruption Assessment Projects offer a proven methodology for addressing these critical early-phase challenges. We survey your team, division, or company, pinpointing the specific concerns — often buried or unspoken — your company faces. We'll then help you chart your path through or around those concerns.

How will you connect the dots between your digital customers and your product experience innovation efforts? Interactive, analyst-led workshops will help you analyze product benefits and barriers, ideate new products and services, and undertake a competitive scan and SWOT analysis.

Attend a Forrester Forum to get the inspiration, thought leadership, and actionable advice you need to drive your mobile initiative to the next level, such as: