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Do you want to do more than think like a digital disruptor? Do you want your company to act on these ideas? You'll need to learn how to generate many more disruptive ideas much more quickly than before.

Forrester Research has helped marketing leadership professionals at hundreds of companies in many industries — from financial services to media to consumer products — to assess their readiness, embrace digital disruption, and innovate more ideas, more quickly. We can help you, too. Hire us to run a project or workshop or give a speech to your staff or your event.


Subscribe to our actionable, forward-looking research for marketing executives. Integrated online tools, templates, and reports will help you strategize and execute current initiatives and stay ahead of emerging trends. You'll have a dedicated account team to support you and extended-hours access to the global research help desk for timely answers.

Project Consulting

How prepared are you across divisions to act on digital disruption? Are your challenges around energy, skills, or policies and practices? Our Digital Disruption Assessment Projects offer a proven methodology for addressing these critical early-phase challenges. We survey your team, division, or company, pinpointing the specific concerns — often buried or unspoken — your company faces. We'll then help you chart your path through or around those concerns.


How will you connect the dots between your digital customers and your product experience innovation efforts? Interactive, analyst-led workshops will help you analyze product benefits and barriers, ideate new products and services, and undertake a competitive scan and
SWOT analysis.

Onsite Or Event Speaking Engagements

Our analysts draw on primary research and a wealth of proprietary data from Forrester's global surveys and market forecasts to deliver speeches for global corporations and leading industry events. They've recently presented at South by Southwest, NetPromoter, DMA 2012, and Oracle's Customer Experience Summit. Right now, they're offering insights on how digital disruption applies to companies of any size, in any geography, in any industry and market.

  • Digital Disruption: Will You Disrupt Or Be Disrupted?
    A call to action for your company, team, or organization that lays out the facts of digital disruption and provides examples of how companies make the shift from disrupted
    to disruptor.
  • Disrupt Your Process To Disrupt Your Product
    Employees inside your company may not realize that digital disruption is crucial. We show them how to learn to think disruptively, using digital tools and platforms to streamline the company's innovation processes from within.
  • Digital And The Power Of Customer-First Thinking
    To survive digital disruption, companies need to finally make good on their promises to put the customer first. Learn why and how to put customers first, using digital tools and platforms to connect to and learn from customers in ways that weren't possible before.
  • Your Next Digitally Disruptive Step
    Your company believes in digital disruption, but isn't sure what to do about it. We show how to benchmark your readiness against other companies, and what you need to fix first in order to take the next steps toward satisfying your customers' most
    adjacent needs.
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