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Forrester Webinar: Strategies For The Mobile Mind Shift

Mobile Is Not Just About Apps And Devices

Mobile is about a complete shift in the mindset and expectations of consumers. Introducing the Mobile Mind Shift Index: a measure to help you identify how far your customers are on this mind shift. Companies must refashion their brands and products in order to deliver on the demands of their customers.

View Forrester's recent webinar with Forrester analysts Josh Bernoff and Melissa Parrish to learn how to create brand advantage with your perpetually connected customers.

Josh Bernoff
Senior VP, Idea Development

Josh is senior vice president, idea development at Forrester Research and is responsible for identifying, developing, and promoting some of the company's most influential and forward-looking ideas. Josh is the coauthor of the BusinessWeek best-selling book Groundswell...
View full bio | @jbernoff | Read the Marketing Leadership blog

Melissa Parrish
Principal Analyst, Research Director

Melissa is a research director and principal analyst serving Marketing Leadership Professionals. As Forrester's leading authority on mobile marketing, she has defined the stages of mobile marketing evolution, the best objectives for mobile marketing, and the...
View full bio | @MelissaRParrish | Read Melissa's blog

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