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Embrace The Mobile Mind Shift

The mobile mind shift is the expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need. Your customers and employees are making this shift, now. This shift means the battle for your customer's attention will be waged in mobile moments — anytime that customer pulls out a mobile device.

Client Perspective

“Forrester’s mobile expertise helped me successfully deploy an effective mobile strategy. I used Forrester’s data and expert analysts to create a road map and choose the best technology for our mobile strategy, which is essential to our broader corporate strategy.”

Sophie Heller
Vice President Marketing & Communications
ING Group France

How do you serve your customers in their moment of need? Forrester Analyst Ted Schadler highlights what it takes to get your company serving your customers in their mobile moments. (02:32)

Mobile Is About More Than Apps And Devices

Most marketing and IT leaders think "Which mobile apps should we build?" and "What devices do we support?", which is a path to failure. We suggest a different way of thinking about your mobile strategy.

Book Cover: The Mobile Mind Shift


Master Your Mobile Moments With
The Mobile Mind Shift Book

Mobile has reprogrammed your customers’ brains. They now turn to their smartphones for everything.

Is the flight on time? Is this product cheaper somewhere else? Whatever the question, the answer is on the phone. This Pavlovian response is the mobile mind shift — the
expectation that I can get what I want, anytime, in my
immediate context.

Your new battleground for customers is this mobile moment — the instant in which your customer is seeking an answer. 

The Mobile Mind Shift explains how to:

  • Find your customer’s most powerful mobile moments.
  • Master the four step IDEA cycle for mobile: Identify, Design, Engineer, Analyze.
  • Manufacture mobile moments as Krispy Kreme does with its “Hot Light” app.
  • Turn one-time product sales into ongoing services and engagement.
  • Master new business models -- find ways to charge more and create indelible customer loyalty.