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Business Agility: Improve Your Responsiveness To Change

Companies face constant change and disruption triggered by market and technology shifts. Only the agile business can remain competitive in this environment.

Video: Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair explains the requirements of business agility. (01:43)

You Can Measure And Improve Business Agility
Forrester defines business agility as:

The quality that allows an enterprise to embrace market
and operational changes as a matter of routine.

Now you can measure this quality within your company, and gauge your readiness to deal with change. Learn how you can improve your business agility.


What Defines An Agile Business?

Read this Forrester Perspective to learn what business agility means and how it's measured.

Assess Your Business Agility

Take the Business Agility Self-Assessment to see how equipped your company is for change.

Boost Your Business Agility

Watch a complimentary on-demand webinar, "Boost Your Business Agility: Measure And Improve How Your Firm Responds To Change."