Consumer Technographics

The consumer is in charge, has high expectations, and is willing and able to churn. To win, you need to know everything you can about their behaviors, preferences, and expectations.

Interactive Dashboards

Insights on consumers’ emerging digital behaviors to help you stay ahead of the market

Being customer-focused begins with data

With unmatched breadth and depth, including survey, behavioral, qualitative, and social listening insights, Forrester Consumer Technographics data helps you:

  • Understand your consumers’ purchase journeys.
  • Stay on top of emerging consumer digital behavior trends.
  • Optimize your marketing spend.
  • Gain competitive insights.
  • Guide your mobile strategy.
  • Reach untapped consumers.
  • Engage the right consumers with more relevant content.

“Technographics’ exhaustive data and exceptional service, combined with frameworks such as Social and Mobile Technographics, is helping me save time, stimulate innovation, and sustain our competitive advantage.”

Dan Rubin

Executive Director, Digital Strategy
Meredith Xcelerated Marketing

Custom data

Customized consumer data tailored to your challenges

In addition to rich data insights from Consumer Technographics, Forrester can also draw from our rigorous primary research and Consumer Technographics to deliver custom data tailored to your specific business needs. Capabilities range from Omnibus surveys to segmentation, driver analysis, landscape mapping, conjoint analysis, social listening, and digital community analysis.

Learn more about Forrester’s custom data services.

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Consumer Technographics data explores a deep range of behaviors around how consumers use technology, shop, bank, use media, get services, and more.

Request a complimentary interactive data dashboard about mobile consumers and check out what Consumer Technographics has to offer.

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